L2Anthares - Lineage 2 Interlude.

Grand Opening: 23 December 2016 19:00 UTC-3 - Friday

Server Platform: L2OFF - Oficial Files PTS
Interlude / No-Custom
Retail status
Server Timezone: Time (-3 GMT)

Rates: Exp: 75x / Sp: 75x / Adena: 75x
Plataforma : L2OFF PTS
Chronicle: Interlude - No Custom L2OFF


Safe + 4
Max Weapon : +16
Max Armo/Jewels : + 12
Enchant Rate : 50%
Blessed Rate: 60%
Blesseds Scroll Drops Boss
Enchant 100% Drop Boss
Baium/Valakas/Antharas/Queen Ant/Zaken/Tiat


Sub-Class Quest : Free: Use command .menu add quest Sub.
Noblesse : Quest Retail
Jobs 20, 40 and 76 level are free
Donates - With automatic delivery system Painel
Geodata and Pathnodes 100%
Off-line Shop mode
Status Retail
Gk Global - Npc Buffer full buffs - Shops
Auto Learn Skills
Auto loot - Automatic pick up (except raid's drops)
Wedding System
Autoloot ON and OFF (.Menu)
Auto XP ON and OFF (.Menu)
Advanced Cancel: buffs returns after 10 segundos
Classes Balanced
NO CUSTOM ITEMS - farming Itens S
Ant Zerg: 1 Clan only per 1 Ally


Buff Slot 20 + 4 (Divine Inspiration automatic)
Npc Buffer: Free FULL BUFFS
Buffs time : 2 Hour Buffs.
Summoners buffs: Time Retail

Respawn Epic Boss / Normal Boss:

Queen Ant: 24 Hrs Random + - 30 min.
Orfem: 24 Hrs Random + - 30 min.
Core: 24 Hrs Random + - 30 min.
Zaken: 48 Hrs Random + - 30 min.
Baium: 72 Hrs Random + - 30 min.
Antharas: 72 Hrs Random + - 30 min.
frintezza: 96 Hrs Random + - 30 min.
Valakas: 96 Hrs Random + - 30 min.
Barakiel: 4 Hrs

Sailren: 12 Hrs Random +- 30min % with 10%
Bless enchant - Enchant 100% - 50%Noblesse Ticket.
Chance Drop 20% Ring of Queen.

Boss Tiat 12 Hrs Random + - 30 min.
20% Chance Drop Core and Orfen - 50% Noblesse Ticket.

All Epic Boss Have Chaotic Zone, changes status to PvP mode.
All Normal Boss 75+: 12 Hrs +1-.
All Boss Listed Npc Status Drops Blessed Enchant
Tyrannosaurus Respawn 5m with drop chance 10% Top-Grade life Stone 76.

Boss / Jewels

Raid Boss Jewels - 100% Chance de Drop in epic boss.
All Epic Boss are Level 80 and Drop Changed with drop S grads and Bless Enchants.
Sell Item quest for Teleport in boss Gm Shop
Drop rate (GrandBoss Jewelry): X1


Areas Drop Farm Solo: Varkas
Chaotic Party : Garden of Eva
Chaotic Party : Imperial tomb


Events 9 vs 9 Promoted by staff
Sieges Money
Aden : Cash prize 100 $ Dolares
Giran and Goddard 75 $ Dolares


All boss listed in the NpC "Status" has a chance of drop Items S grade and Blessed Enchants.
Clan Skills Selling for Adena / Medals. Double click in scroll for learn skills Obs: (Clan need 100 reputation for display skills and corresponding lvl.)
Normal enchant selling in npc Gm Shop D/S.
Quest item: Lunarget, HellFire Oil, Portal Stone, Blooded Fabric, Floating Stone, Frintezza's Magic Force Field Removal Scroll selling in Gm Shop for Adena/Medal.
Gm Shop Selling all Items S: Weapowns without SA / Jewels/Armors Sealeds: For adena/medals, For Unsell need medals/AA.
All Register Siege NpC in Center of Giran.
Automatic Potions Mana, Greater Healing Potion

Grand Olympiad

New periods on each 14 days.
Allows to register only 1 character by computer.
Normal items, No items restriction


All Injection Protections
DDoS protection HyperFilter